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Nursing covers and more

Posted on: September 1, 2008

I found a great website here.  She has all sorts of homemade projects for you to try. 

I decided to give her Hooter Hider tutorial a try.  They are so easy to make following her instructions.  I made two today.  One for a friend and one for me.   I also made Burpies and Butties using her directions.  They were also easy and fun.  The only thing different I did with the Burpies and Butties was I used regular bath towels that you can find at Wal-mart, Target, or your favorite store.  They probably stretch out more than if you bought terry cloth fabric, but I found it cheaper to buy the towels.  Below are some pictures.

Wrapped up and ready to go

Wrapped up and ready to go


Changing pad aka Buttie

Changing pad aka Buttie


Burpie aka burp cloth

Burpie aka burp cloth


Nursing cover aka Hooter Hider

Nursing cover aka Hooter Hider



Nursing cover aka Hooter Hider

Nursing cover aka Hooter Hider




2 Responses to "Nursing covers and more"

I am actually a little angry about this post. 🙂 I had been wanting one of those nursing cover ups SO bad and my Mom just didn’t find the time to make me one. And the burp cloths… EVERYONE NEEDS THOSE!! You did a fantastic job, Tracie… I love them all!! Now how about some pillow case dresses?! I asked my Mom to make some for Maddie but it still hasn’t been done and they are SO cute!! MISS YOU!

I am jelous!! I had a boring black hooter hider…It wasn’t even cute, I got it at Target because there wernt any cheaper cute ones!! I am going to venture out soon adn start sewing again, so I will be checking your blog often…

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