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Posted on: September 12, 2008

Autumn is my favorite season.  I wish I were back home so I could see the leaves change.  But at the moment this will have to do.  I made my own fall leaves.

Materials I used:

Brown packing paper
Acrylic paint (red, green yellow, orange, and brown)
Paint brush
Hot glue gun and glue


Brown packing paper
Brown packing paper

The more crinkled the paper, the better actually.  I think it helps with the overall look.



Step 1.  Paint your paper.  It doesn’t have to be perfect in any way.  In fact you want to paint kind of crazy.  My 5 yr old even helped me paint some of it.  So…..this is a perfect project to do with kids.  Please make sure you lay down plastic or an old sheet or something.  I have an old painting sheet we use.

Paper painted

Paper painted

See how crazy it looks.  And yes we covered the entire sheet of brown paper.

Step 2.  After your paper is dry (which should be fast) turn it over.  Draw out your leaves.  You can find blank templates of leaves online.  Just google it.  I’ve had my leaf shapes for awhile.  If I can find them online, I’ll post the link.

Drawing out the leaf templates

Drawing out the leaf templates

Step 3.  Cut your leaves out.  My 7 yr old daughter helped me with this step.  I don’t have a picture of our pile of leaves.  My kids were trying to jump in them.  lol.

Step 4.  Lay out your raffia.  Make it however long you want it.  Take one leaf and place it under the raffia in the middle of the leaf.  Put some hot glue on the leaf.  Now take another leaf of the same shape and place on top of the first leaf.  Making a leaf sandwich.    Continue to do this until you have used  up all your leaves. 

Here is what mine looks like.  I’m making more leaves because I think it’s too bare. 

Finished project

Finished project



Close up of leaves

Close up of leaves




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